is a new, open access publisher for the media and communication studies fields. Launched in 2019, the press is nonprofit and scholar-led. We publish living works, with iterative updates stitched into our process. And we encourage multi-modal submissions that reflect the mediated environments our authors study.

Publishing with is free on principle. Our aim is to demonstrate, on a small scale, an open access publishing model supported by libraries rather than author fees. Open access for readers, we believe, should not be traded for new barriers to authorship. publishes singles—standalone works like monographs—as well as serials. All of our published works are rigorously peer-reviewed, and receive unusual editorial attention. We prioritize discoverability through careful metadata, library records, and directory listings. As a scholar-run operation, our publicity outreach is uncommonly informed by the fields’ intellectual contours.

If these values and commitments match your own, please consider publishing with us. The first step us to reach out.

open access

all of our works are freely available on the open web, under author-selected licenses


we are run by academics in the field, with the aim to spread research among scholars and to the public


we are proudly nonprofit and mission-driven, in conscious contrast to the prevailing oligopoly


we support (and encourage) video, audio, image, and interactive elements, in line with the fields’ multiple objects of study



we publish standalone works of any length and form, on the open source PubPub platform—with formatted PDF and other export options



we are launching with a new journal, History of Media Studies, that accepts original submissions and re-publishes openly licensed works, on the open source PubPub platform


we make it easy for authors to release iterative, citable updates—a nod to the kinetic worlds that media scholars study

no author fees

partnerships with academic libraries, rather than author fees, cover our modest costs—so inability to pay is no barrier



as scholars in these fields, we identify journal editors, post to listservs, and help our authors publish excerpts in popular outlets

peer review

our works undergo vigorous peer review: double-blind by default, as well as more open modes at authors’ discretion



we ensure that our works have machine-readable metadata, and are indexed by relevant directories, Google Scholar, and libraries


we are committed to openness in our operations, with nearly of our files and workflows made public on our Github page is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in Pennsylvania, USA. The press’s director is Jeff Pooley, professor of media and communication at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA, USA.

See the press’s transparency page for more details.

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